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About Saucony Stride Lab

Saucony has a unique approach to gait analysis with the Saucony Stride Lab.

The Saucony Stride Lab is an innovative gait analysis method that gets to know the individual runner; how running fits into their lives and also provides an in-depth analysis of their unique stride characteristics.

The roots of the UK Saucony Stride Lab come from the Saucony Lab in Boston, Lexington, built and run under the direction and expertise of Spencer White, VP Saucony Human Performance & Innovation Lab.

The team in the Boston Lab continually assess every dynamic aspect of the runner in motion. This research has shown that the best product solutions come from looking at the runner's entire stride, not just the moment of foot strike, so every shoe that comes out of the Saucony lab is designed to create a seamless connection between the runner and their footwear. Saucony is bringing this philosophy from the Boston Lab and offering it to runners in the form of the Saucony Stride Lab.

The Saucony Stride Lab gait analysis consists of three high-speed cameras positioned to assess the runners body position and running form. The cameras work in sycronisation to capture a runner's stride from multiple views; the back, the front and the side. The front camera angle assists assessment of knee rotation and the camera at the side shows the extension of the leg and knee flexion upon impact.

Spencer White, Vice President of Human Performance and Innovation Lab at Saucony HQ in Boston said 'The outcome of a session on the Saucony Stride Lab is not a prescription for the perfect shoe, but a 360 understanding of the runners requirements and how specialty running stores add value that cannot be found elsewhere. Usually, selecting correct footwear is part of the solution, but a Saucony Stride Lab Analysis will also lead to advice regarding the runners flexibility, strength and conditioning regimen'. Everybody has an individual running style, so it's important to look up from the foot and analyse the whole body. Our experts are travelling with the Saucony Stride Lab to offer this indepth gait analysis using three perspectives for a high level of feedback.

Take a look around this website to find more about the Saucony Stride Lab, when it will come to your local area and also how to book. your appointment.